From Dream to Reality

I’ve been doing doing my handmade jewelry business for a while now and very slowly I’m making progress with the help of my friends and family. Recently though, I realized I really want to get into the wedding industry. So I started making small things like personalized cords, combs then personalized hangers and bridal entourage jewelry. It was nice and all but I felt I needed to do something more.

Then came an oldDried-Rose-Wedding-Bands-and-Pearls-600x375 acquaintance whom I met in a jewelry class. She’s been doing personalized invitations and jewelry too. I was curious how she was able to create such intricately detailed invitations that I pondered, how can I get into that business? Long story short, I befriended that acquaintance and started talking to her about doing a partnership. She was also interested doing it. It took us a while though to finally sit down and talk about it but we made it! It was all a blur. Once day we were talking in a coffee shop, the next day we were already meeting wedding planners and getting orders! Whew!!

We’re still in our birthing stage so it’s still all trial and error but we’re already working on making a system for us to work because we’re the business at our own homes and connected via mobile and internet!

Hopefully, things start to pick up soon so we can fully realize our dreams…




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