What Makes a Great Wedding Invitation

Deciding  on your wedding invitation can be daunting to some couples, especially those who are working “alone” because the partner just doesn’t care much or simply trusts your taste. It’s also heavy on couples who are undecided on their wedding theme or those on a budget and would love to do a DIY invitation. But what makes a great wedding invitation? Does it have to be really expensive or impressive?

I say NOT. But it should serve its purpose…to make your guests want to share your milestone as a couple and make them remember that moment through your invitation.

Lucky for you, we’re here to hash out and simplify what would make a great wedding invitation without breaking the bank! After all, your wedding invitation will set the tone for your wedding day!

  1. If you are undecided, we suggest you go to the basics. I’m saying white, elegant, ecru with matte gold accents. You can never goo wrong with this. Just don’t overdo the gold. DIY4
  2. Make sure your invitation has the essential details- If you’r trying to save on cost, these basic details would do. Especially if you have a small intimate wedding.
    1. Names of the bride and groom
    2. Names of the hosts (traditionally, the parents of the bride)
    3. Ceremony date, day of week, time and location
  3. In this time and age, we have the internet to take advantage when it comes to getting inspirations for designs. You can visit etsy or pinterest for fabulous ideas!
  4. Another way to make a great wedding invitation is to use an intricately made pocket or envelope where you can place your inserts with the wedding details and entourage if you want. This can be expensive if you give an invite to everyone on your guest list but we suggest you opt to give to VIPs and those who are faraway to make them feel special and wanted. _MG_7450
  5.  If you have time, a DIY wedding invitation is worth doing. Not only would you have total control of what you want to do, it would definitely save you on cost plus you get a sense of pride and fulfillment once you’re done! Here are a few links you can use as guide. Click on the numbers for the links. 1 2 3 4 5
  6. Of course, if you don’t want the hassle of making wedding invitations, you can always source it out to suppliers who truly cares about their clients. I can name a few but why go far when you can always get it from us? 🙂

There you go, those are just simple tips that I hope helped you out no matter how small.


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