How to Make a Great Wedding Invitation

No, this is not a DIY guide on how to make your own wedding invitation. That would be for another blog post. This is something better! If you’re like most people who don’t know what to do or write in a wedding invitation, or where to begin then please, I beg you, read on! Let me share with you what makes a great wedding invitation and how to make it memorable. After all, here in the Philippines, you only get married once! (at least for us peasants who cant afford an annulment. LOL)

Okay, so let’s dissect the mystery that is wedding invitation. What would set you apart? How do you make your wedding invitation amazing? Something worth keeping! Have you heard about an invitation suite? No? Okay, let me explain.

The usual wedding invitation comes in a beautiful envelope with an even more beautiful stationery inside with the invitation wordings and sometimes details like the entourage and even the principal sponsors. That’s that. But for those who wants to go the extra mile, a great invitation usually consist of a save the date card, the invitation itself, a confirmation or response card and a thank you card- that is called an invitation suite.


No, you don’t give out all these in one go. But suppliers or invitation makers sends the suite as a package to the couple. You might say, these invitations suites are only for those who can afford. But that’s where you’re wrong! Invitation suites can be as low as 65 up to 300 or 500/ suite. It’s the cost of the material and intricacy of the paper work and type of print that will dictate the price of your invitation.

I will share a detailed description of each content in an invitation suite on a next post but don’t forget that invitations doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to be imaginative and crafty! If you’re not, well, leave it to the professionals who have the heart to make their clients happy even at a little profit. Where can you find that supplier? Blush and Bliss of course!

We make sure your happiness is our top priority.. we don’t mind how little we get. As long as our clients are happy, we will continue to make invitations and souvenirs and whatever our clients pleases.